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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  March 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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staff gives me three or four choices usually like it match it with the story i choose them. please join martha mccallum and me for coverage of president biden's speech starting 8:5 a 5 eastern. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is up next and i fit it all in, jesse. >> jesse: will putin's forces are closing in on the country's two biggest cities. this morning in the city of chief of staff kyiv a government building was rocked by an explosion disseminating the area and reportedly killing at least six. while in the capital of kyiv the city's main communication tower was pummeled by rockets, taking television and radio stations temporarily off the air as russia looks to destroy
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ukrainian infrastructure and it ability to broadcast. this all comes as a 40-mile long convoy of russian tanks and artillery accumulates just miles away from the capital. looking to surround the city and lay siege. the people of kyiv are bracing for the absolute worst as they gather supplies and weapons to hold off the invaders. creating road blocks in the streets and removing street signs, doing anything they can to slow down putin's barbaric assault. and they have already fought with honor and courage holding off several key russian advances. neutralizing their dominant in the sky with air defense systems. taking down fighter jets and attack helicopters, but now russia is increasingly targeting cillians. seeking to make this conflict as grim and as bloody as possible as they attempt to destroy the morale of the ukrainian people.
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secretary of state tony blinken called out russia's atrocities this morning to the u.n. human rights council. listen. >> russian strikes are hitting schools. hospitals, residential buildings, civilian buses, cars, even ambulances have been shelled. these are the human rights abuses this council was created to stop. >> ukraine president zelenskyy called the attacks on civilians in kharkiv this morning a war crime. while nearly a hundred diplomats from across the world walked out of the u.n. meeting when russia took the microphone. also today, america caught russian spies at the united nations. conducting espionage and we kicked them out of our country. but while most of the world is standing with ukraine, russia still has some friends out there. new reports show that putin is looking to create an anti fascist conference. the move would align russia with
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pakistan, china, and saudi arabia among other countries to create alegion of doom. but as world eallegiances start to shake out, it looks like things are only going to get worse in ukraine. and the southeast part of the country, russia is attempting to create a land bridge from the brake away region all the way to crimea. putin has deployed forces around the port city of mariupol amphibious assault taking place. if mariupol falls, russian troops could ferry supplies into crimea and link up with the separatist forces there and continue the assault from the south directly connecting russia with crimea and cutting off ukrainian supply lines. which would be a deadly development. this is all part of putin's plan for a three pronged attack into the eastern half of the country. with troops coming south from belarus, north from crimia, and
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from the east in kharkiv. they will look squeeze in on kyiv, trying to choke the city and that is when it gets really ugly. a senior u.s. defense official has confirmed that there is evidence of a thermobaric weapon launcher inside ukraine, several of them. now they have not actually seen them in use. thermobaric bombs, also known as vacuum bombs or the father of all of bombs are more devastating than conventional explosives. they burn everybody and everything in its blast radius. well, their deployment in battle is not exclusively outlawed by international law, any use of the bombs on civilian areas like what's being i hinted at in kharkiv is considered a war crime. >> this is the type of warfare that russia is looking to inflict at this stage of the war. this is going to be a long, drawn out struggle as putin makes life as miserable as
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possible for the ukrainian people. but he is under estimating ukraine's resistance. these people will not flee or surrender like he had hopes. so, when putin's brutality meets ukrainian courage inside the capital, what should we expect to see? here now retired army intelligence officer chuck devore. so what should we expect in your opinion? >> well, jesse, you are absolutely right. putin under estimated what would be his reception when he set these forces into ukraine. president zelenskyy did not flee. the ukrainians did not immediately give up and he was not able to install a puppet regime very quickly. and as a result. he doesn't have enough troops. ukraine is now backed by the european union, by america, by other nations. they have given him essentially an unlimited line of credit at the same time they are beginning to shut down the russian
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economy. ukraine has about 7 million people that they can draw upon that are fit for military service and there is only about 100,000 russians with another 100,000 behind them, many of them poorly trained conscripts that are coming into the theater of operation. so what may happen, jesse, is a long stalemate and the longer it is, the more likely we are going to see collapse of the russian economy and a lot of pressure on president putin to get out of office. whether at the point of a gun or some other, perhaps, more political coup. >> so we are seeing more brutality because he wasn't able to decapitate the regime during the first week. so what does he do? he just shells cities? he just hits civilian neighborhoods and turns everything into rubble? is that the move? is that what what we are looking at. >> that's what many people think will happen. again, i think he is going to under estimate both ukrainian resolve and world opinion. now, you mentioned a thermobaric
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bombs. there is two different types that we're going to see on the battlefield. one that may have already been used. it's mounted on a tank chassis and it's used to take out things like bunkers. and that's more of a tactical battlefield weapon. but there is another weapon that kind is at the line between small nuclear weapons and large conventional weapons. this is the father of all bombs. this uses the thermo baker principles but it dropped from an airplane it could destroy an entire city block at a time killing potentially 10,000 civilians and militia at a shot? video evidence gets out to the west it will. this ask a dangerous part of escalation could happen in this conflict that could bring quite a bit more international sanctions against putin. >> jesse: so if he vaporizes 10,000 people like that, with a thermobaric, what does the west do to that?
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does that make us escalate? >> well, again, at this point, the west is pouring in all kinds of equipment that ukraine can use. and the issue becomes how much more could we do short of actually declaring war on russia? that's why by the way this talk about for example instituting a nofs over ukraine is frankly dangerous and not something that we can do that would essentially be a declaration of war on russia. you don't want that nato is a defensive alliance. we need to ensure that nato remains intact and remains a powerful deterrent auto against putin going further against the baltic states or poland. we don't want that what is important now jesse is that the ukrainians have the will to fight. they have the ability to fight. and as president zelenskyy said when president biden i think very inappropriately offered him evacuation out of kyiv, he said i don't need a ride, i need
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ammunition. we need to give the ukrainians ammunition. we need to give them armament so they can fight back and preserve the freedom, preserve the independence of their nation. >> jesse: real quick, how are we getting that ammo that country anyway? we can't fly it in? how does it get there? does it get through poland and romania and who is doing that? >> most of it is coming across the border in lviv and poland and less so in romaine i can't. lviv is where have you the much greater developed rail network and road network and most of it is coming in now. by the way, ukraine is a big place, right? it's a little bigger that be texas. so i think it would be very, very hard and difficult for the russians to completely shut down that transit across the border in lviv right next to poland. >> jesse: all right. thank you so much, chuck. >> thank you. >> jesse: russia warning ukrainian citizens in doif flee their homes as they begin ramping up shelling. let's turn to foreign
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correspondent trey yingst live in kyiv now for the latest on the ground. trey? >> jesse good evening. ukrainian president volodymr zelenskyy speaking from a bomb shelter. mind of a man who has pledged and-to-stay and fight. he talked about the bombing gain against his city and his country basically saying there will be no peace talks that are successful until that campaign stops. he also talked about nato and the possibility of a no-fly zone over this country. and he added that he does have an open line with the united states, via the satellite phone that he was given reportedly by president biden and hit team in washington. he had this to say about the commander-in-chief. >> i talked to president biden many times. i am very grateful to him for all the opportunities and the support. but they did not hear moo. i told them that ukraine will fight. we will fight more than anyone else. but we just by ourselves left
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alone against russia we simply cannot management. >> the ukrainian capital of kyiv was hit multiple times today with russian attacks. a tv tower used for communication was also targeted killing five people. this evening we have heard shelling in the distance and then some gunfire this all comes as the streets of this capital city are locked down. every block has a new checkpoints with soldiers or civilians who have volunteered to fight. jesse? >> trey, your understanding of the president zelenskyy, you think he die for his country if they lay siege to the capital? do you think he would go down shooting? >> i do. he is surrounded right now by member with weapons think have a variety of bunkers set up across the city. he has been given multiple opportunities to leave this country. a similar sentiment we have seen from other top officials in this capital of kyiv. members of parliament going to police stations and picking up weapons. preparing ammunition and saying they will stay in the city.
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these are people who have the resources to leave. they could flee. they could go to the united states if they wanted to. they have the connections, they have the contacts and the money. but they are choosing to stay and defend their country. jesse? >> jesse: a lot different than afghanistan. i will tell you that thank you so much, trey here now roman whose familiar just fled a ukrainian town that was almost completely destroyed any spent two days in their cellar with no heat during these vicious bombings. they finally just escaped leaving all of their belongings behind. so everything has been left behind and you are now on the run? what is going on right now? >> actually my brother and his family have fled from a small town in the eastern part of ukraine with approximately
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20,000 inhabitants. they spent three nights in a cellar. no heat, no water, no supplies, they somehow managed to flee from the town, been given koppel. they drove over a broken bridge. thank god, actually, there were also several that buses caught by shelling and i'm not sure if the people survived. now my brother is in safe place in the central part of ukraine and i'm doing whatever possible to help him out. the situation in the town is still really dramatic, i would say, because several thousand people are left with no help.
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they have no shelter. they have no food they need to spend nights under very cold weather conditions. the temperature drops below zero. and, yeah, it's very unbelievable. >> jesse: unbelievable. roman, thank you so much for sharing that story with us. our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. i hope everybody stays safe. you guys are extremely courageous. keep it up. >> thank you. >> jesse: fox news alert. we just learned the united states is expected to announce a complete ban on all russian flights in u.s. airspace. this is similar to the bans already passed in europe and canada according to the "wall street journal." the order is expected to come down within the next 24 hours. ukrainians in kyiv are bracing for a 40-mile long russian military convoy that's closing in hour by hour.
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let's go to the big board with "special report" anchor bret baier to tell us more. bret? >> bret: hey, jesse. that convoy is really the focus in kyiv but let me focus really quickly on something else we learned today that is kharkiv over here in the north and east bombarded by shell and missiles just got a statement by the mayor of kharkiv, really heavy fire today saying this. this is the translation, the bombshells that hit residential homes killed and wounded innocent people. just today there have been 37 wounded, three of which are children four people died when they left the bomb shelter to get some water. two adults and three children burned in a car. this is all horrific. he continues on from kharkiv we have been and will continue to be strong. now, this is areas controlled by the russians but it's not the actual cities. they are outside the city. even down here in mariupol outside the cities encircling them but to the credit of the ukrainian forces they have not
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taken them over. you mention that convoy and this is that. that this is kyiv, the city limits here. this is the presidential palace right here. and here is that convoy that is now stalled, according to u.s. officials. all the way 40 miles. now, what happened? we don't exactly know but they have resupply issues and fuel issues and they are getting resupplied now and reorganizing but it's taking some time and that is to the benefit of ukrainian officials. >> the question is time that are all the countries that issued on or about announced sanctions on vladimir putin and on russia. will that squeeze happen enough for putin to change his mind? u.s. intelligence doesn't think so so far, which is why you are seeing this massive refugee effort to go outside the country. some 660 to 680,000. meanwhile weapons and some personnel are coming the other way from these nato countries,
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vo vac i can't, poland, hungary and romaine i can't. they are helping to beef up the ukrainian forces. the question is time and overwhelmingly the russians have more equipment and more personnel. >> jesse: so, bret, we are hearing that the supreme allied commander of nato is the one running point on resupplying the ukrainian military and civilian insurgency and it's coming in through the land. do you think seeing the map in front of you that we, you know, our allies in nato will be able to get the weaponry, the stingers, the javelins, the food and aid to the people of ukraine before those cities are completely choked off? >> that's really the question. jesse. it's been coming in every day. really. the u.s. javelins have been coming in from poland and there are convoys coming in every day. and they have arrived. >> but you are right. if that convoy comes down here and encircles kyiv or these
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forces encircle kharkiv or other mariupol or odesa, these haven't fallen yet but if they're encircled they can't resupply and get should. what we saw in grozny and other places russia has activated syria it is really, really ugly and the images will be painful to see. >> jesse: they will be painful. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> jesse: countries around the world are starting to see weapons as we said and aid in ukraine to help them fight back against the enemy. no other country though is sending troops. the u.s. and germany will both be sending anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles. australia just joined in on the action today, committing to spend 50 mil in military aid reportedly in ammo and more missiles. getting these supplies to the ukrainians is complicated. the airspace is contested making it very difficult for aid to come down from the sky. and the roads to kyiv, meanwhile, are getting blocked every day.
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so how far do we arm the insuburb genesee? joining me now former national security adviser to the president general keith kellogg. i don't know if what happens if they choke these cities off? becomes the city of the dead. there is no way to get weapons in there? what's the next move? >> well, it's pretty complicated, jesse. thanks for having me. in front of you are watching the schiewfings the russian empire. you are right about what you said earlier. as putin may very well take kyiv, he may very well take ukraine and kill zelenskyy but victory is he going to lose long term. his nation is a pariah nation. war criminal leader. not 10 feet tall. it's 5 feet tall. it's probably vermont now with nuclear weapons. his army is going to be shatter
4:20 pm
and shattered because of the beam that he is facing. ukrainian people and president zelenskyy who is resolute. and when you look at both of them, it reminds me of a napoleonic material as to one. in war time morale counts, will counts and you are seeing that with president zelenskyy. and seeing that with the ukrainian people. you asked a great question how too we resolve this? well, it's going to be hard question to answer. the first thing i would say is president biden needs to realize now he is a war time president. and he is going to have to make some hard decisions in support of the alliance in support of nato and in support of the world and in support of the american people. and that may well mean we have to do something physical on the ground. how do we do that? it may mean supply crumbs. we did the berlin airlift. we did that by arab. we have to do this by ground. but the ground lines are open. you can push in from poland, wide open right now. we keep pushing a lot of equipment in that way. and we build a barrier maybe
4:21 pm
between east and west ukraine. sooner or later we have to tell putin this stops. this stops here. zelenskyy has said that to us. we should take him at his word. and the courage of his people. and we need to do something. and it's going to be a hard call but hard choices have to be made. look, to me, it's personal. a lot of personal reasons i'm very concerned about what's happening in ukraine. i think the united states should be aware of that as well. sooner or later the american people have to say we will not tolerate this here's the break line. the brake line to me is when you see indiscriminate shelling of major cities and the killing of civilians, that is outside the bounds and morals of war. that's when the world needs to say stop, no more, we will take it up. >> jesse: i think you are right. i think the president of the united states has an opportunity to be the president that overseas the complete destruction of the russian empire as we know it. 41 was there when, you know, that happened in '91.
4:22 pm
and the now this is the finishing touches on the mother land. if he can arm these insurgents in ukraine, if we can open up supply lines, we can watch vlad die in ukraine trying -- it's like cutting your nose off to spite your face. you are going to lose your country of to conquer ukraine he could be the president if he plays his cards right to oversee that. and that would be spectacular for him to do it. now, i wants to show you something else that happened today, the president of belarus showed some security officials today a battle map appearing to highlight russian plans to attack some of ukraine's key cities and the map is completely matches up with russia's actual invasion. except it also appears to show an attack into moldova from southern ukraine. general, did the president of belarus just accidentally give away putin's next move into
4:23 pm
moldova? >> >> well, i don't think it was smart briefing that map the way -- you are right. not smart to go into mull dove. have a more importantly, if you look at that what happen what he showed he said u.s. units in the right corner of that map. among knows units first cavalry division first infantry division you don't want to take on those two divisions. well la reduce about 30,000 soldiers. they are not that good. they are worse than the russian soldiers are. if he heads south, he is opening up a huge fight for himself and looking at himself being destroyed as a nation. you know, can he join if he wants to with putin, but they are both going down with the same boat. >> jesse: moldova is next to -- he would meet the u.s. military in romania and then it's game on. i don't think he wants that but if that's what he is prepared for, that's pretty nuts. do you think is he crazy?
4:24 pm
everyone is saying is he crazy or do you think he just wants to not preside over the complete disintegrations of russia? so he is expanding? >> jesse, you know, honestly, four years in the white house, we had over 18 phone calls with the guy. and i met him in singapore with the vice president. we had two meetings with him as well. he seems like a different person. i mean, and maybe he has been isolated and maybe he had the delusions of grandeur, maybe he think hes he is peter the great. he soonels to be a lot different. condoleezza rice said that this weekend. irrespective of that, he has made a huge mistake. it's a huge overreach and he is now creating crimes against humanity. and i think hopefully, the russian people will take care of that or his military will. i saw him talk do his defense minister and his chairman of the joint chief of staff when they're talking about raising the nuclear level. honest to god you look at body of language and saying what is going on here.
4:25 pm
if he doesn't watch out, the oligarchs are going to get him. the military is going to get him. the military is going to get him. if i were him right now i would double up my body guard. >> jesse: get the food tester out. general keith kellogg thank you. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: president biden will give the biggest speech of his presidency a little more than an hour. we got a taste of that speech already. there have been some leaks. we will share them next. aleve-x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it... and see what's possible.
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4:31 pm
americans clearly feel like the president isn't delivering whether it's controlling russia, inflation, the border, crime, or gas prices. so, what joe biden should talk about tonight? is energy independence that would solve a lot of our problems. bring the cost of oil down significantly for americans he won't do that. instead expect biden to spout fake achievements take credit for economy and response for russia's invasion of ukraine mostly led by the europeans. might declare victor over covid even though everybody got covid. now, after joe biden talks about his accomplishments he will switch to supply chain and inflation but he won't take any responsibility for any of it biden will blame it on someone else as he always does. there is always a boogie man.
4:32 pm
it used to be big meat and big oil. >> the meat industry is a textbook example on the price side four big control meat poultry. while their proofts go up the prices you see at the grocery store go up commensurate. >> i have asked the federal trade anticompetitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers when they don't need to be that high. >> jesse: tonight and we have a little preview here. joe biden is going to say the exact same thing about shipping companies. they are the reason costs are so high. shipping companies are the new boogie man. unmasked, guns, trump, putin, joe manchin, fox news, big
4:33 pm
shipping, big oil or big meat, the buck never stops with biden. joining me now missouri senator josh hawley. are you going to be there, senator? >> no, i'm going to be watching from home, jesse, like the rest of america and i imagine it's going to be quite the piece of theater as he tries to explain his terrible record. >> jesse: what do you think is going to happen tonight? is he going to address anything how to reduce gas prices? is he going to hammer the russian energy sector who do you expect him to say. >> smoke in mirrors take credit he had nothing to do with dispracket dumpster fire of a presidency. what he should be say something we need to open up american energy production full throttle the dominant energy nation in the world and we are not. the reason we are not is joe biden. of the reason we have run away inflation is joe biden. the reason we have a shipping crisis, a supply chain crisis at
4:34 pm
this stage is joe biden. so if he wants to assign blame, all he needs is a mirror and he can look in it because he is the source of most of these problems and the solutions he is offering is either nonexistent or totally fake. >> jesse: you know your colleagues pretty well, are they going to stand up and give him a round of applause when he talks about, you know, forming this coalition to take on putin and rallying the free world or are they going to sit on their hands? >> you know, i don't know why this administration is breaking its arm patting itself on the back for an invasion that it didn't prevent. the goal should have been to deter vladimir putin from invading a sovereign nation. he utterly failed in that regard. we have an invasion on our hands and part of the big reach for that is joe biden gave energy dominance to vladimir putin. he shut down our pipeline and he opened up russia's pipeline. that's the biden legacy. that's what he has done. it's time to change course. if the president wants to be serious he will admit that his policies have been wrong.
4:35 pm
that his policies have been weak. that his policies have endangered this nation and the world and he will tell us how he is going to change course. >> jesse: all right. i don't expect that but i will be watching anyway. thank you so much senator hawley. >> thank you. >> jesse: tonight's state of the union address will be the left's off ramp to normalcy, apparently. they are finally turning the page on covid. after two years of lockdowns, masks and mandates. politico is reporting that as soon as tomorrow the white house is going to unveil a strategy for the next phase of covid. loosen public health restrictions and a path toward getting back to normal. joining me to react is senior political analyst brit hume. it took a while, brit. do you think he will be able to pull this off tonight?
4:36 pm
>> the speech or the covid piece. >> the covid piece of that. saying now we are getting back to normal and this is because of science. >> well, i doubt that i think, you know, the people biden partisans in the audience will probably appreciate that and want to give him credit because that's what they do. i think the public's attitude about covid have been fully formed for some time and nothing he says tonight or does tomorrow are going to change them very much. >> jesse: do you remember seeing a speech like this with this amount of crises piled up in terms of a president who is just seems unable to deal with them. >> i have never seen one so early. a crisis came up out of nowhere at least in the eyes of some. i think there were very many people in the west and elsewhere who did not think that putin would go through with this.
4:37 pm
when he did it was a shock. wasn't able to -- run for them and the kremlin, people -- i think the world's attention has been galvanized and been attracted in way that one might not have expected. it's turned out to be difficult, the ukrainians have been valiant and courageous and their leader has led in a way we haven't seen in some time. this becomes topic a. i heard what josh hawley said earlier. i'm not sure that kind of criticism, that kind of partisan criticism is what the people are looking for right now. but, obviously there is an opening there, after all, the invasion happened biden and all the other western leaders were trying to stop it from happening and they didn't. the big question now is where we go from here.
4:38 pm
i think this is where the president has an opportunity the west has been soft. putin has not. putin very cleverly got the west hooked on his energy united states energy potential not only the production we had and could have wean the west off that it would be quite something if biden were to say i'm going to do everything i can to get our country to ramp up energy production so that we cannot only help our own economy, make ourselves more energy secure but also help our western allies to get free of russian on energy. that would be a bold step. i don't think he will take it though because his party won't like it they are still addicted to green dreams. >> jesse: the president of the united states has an opportunity to crush the russian empire with energy policy, with weapons aid
4:39 pm
funding to the ukrainians and he probably won't do it because of pressure from the left wing of his party? jesse, that exactly isn't what i said. what i said he could help this country's energy situation and make it more secure and help our economy and help the western alliance. >> the nations within the western alliance, particularly germany who are so dependent on russian energy to get off that dependency. now, obviously the effect of that would be to weaken putin and weaken his grip on western europe. the rest of it so s. stuff you threw in there that i didn't say. >> jesse: all right. well, i hope he does what he would advising him to do. that will be great. we will be watching at 8:55, bret and martha and check out the coverage. thank you so much as always, brit hume. >> you bet, jesse. >> jesse: well, the russian military move against putin himself? some new signs of that next. ♪
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>> jesse: putin's war machine bombing civilian areas, the people of ukraine are taking the fight in their own hands. lucas tomlinson is live in lviv. lucas? >> jesse, while some 670,000 ukrainians are fleeing the country, some 20,000 are returning. these two men want to join them. >> look like they need help with young, strong fit men we can help. so why not? >> putin has lost his mind and i never expected it would become a situation like this. of course those men are not coming back to hand over relief supplies, jesse. they want to fight and kill the russians. could unleash the biggest refugee crisis in europe this century. most are heading to poland, about 20% to return russia. the west is surrounding countries.
4:46 pm
>> this air raid siren now almost daily site here and sound here in lviv still no sign of russian fighter jets bombs overhead. russia has fired over 400 missiles into the country some landing 12 miles from here. a week ago jesse these students were studying, hanging out, drinking coffee, seeing their friends. now they are making bombs. not just molotov cocktails or small other cocktails. they are making large jugs presumably to destroy russian armor. in lviv not seeing anybody out on the streets. this is what martial law looks like this. is what putin's war looks like here in ukraine. jesse? >> from coffee to molotov cocktails. lucas tomlinson, thank you. putin may be pummeling ukraine this evening but not all is well in mother russia. crippling sanctions are piling up and an economic collapse under putin's watch seems
4:47 pm
likely. in fact, it's starting to happen. their currency has already crashed to record low. hyper inflation is on the horizon. russians are actively making a run on the banks. trying to withdrawal all their money while they still can. even the russian state's biggest money makers have become a sinking ship like oil companies, gas who shares plunge almost in half thanks to boycotts from western countries. and putin's out of silver bullets, too. now that the west froze central banks reserves. putin has lost access to a war chest worth close to $650 billion. he was banking on using that cash to stabilize the economy. and now the signs indicate that putin's banking system is toast. what we're watching play out is similar to russia in the late 1990s when the ruble plunged and their biggest banks
4:48 pm
collapsed and russia went under water after they defaulted on their debt. russians turned on their president boris yeltsin and then came putin to stabilize the economy. and the russian people loved him ever since. the russians could easily turn on him if all goes to hell. seems like russia is about to repeat itself. russians might look elsewhere for leadership. joining me now monica crowley, former assistant secretary of the treasury department. all right, monica, what happens when the ruble becomes about as worthless as the zimbabwe currency? do they turn on vlad or what? >> yeah, the political pressure, jesse, is going to be absolutely enormous on president putin and, in fact, you are already seeing those trend lines developing in russia. you are seeing a lot of protests. you are seeing a lot of individuals being arrested. look, russia is now being
4:49 pm
canceled, right? i mean, between the fierce ukrainian resistance and the widespread international financial sanctions and boycotts and russian teams being barred from international competitions. russia is being canceled. it is a different world. this is not something that president putin ever had anticipated. so, an implosion of the russian economy is going to have severe political consequences for him. but, we have got to be very careful that the spillover effect is not so severe that it takes down the global economy sends the global economy into a worldwide recession and effects us directly here at home. >> jesse: how do we do that? russia is like the 12th largest economy. they are huge commodity exporter. they fuel pretty much the entire european continent. how do we manage the russian economic collapse so it just doesn't destroy the dow and jack up gas prices to $5 a gallon for
4:50 pm
americans? what we are watching unfold in europe is energy component so critical. everything to americans consume has energy built into it. americans are also experiencing intense economic hardship as a direct result of biden's catastrophic economic policies we are now experiencing a weakening economy. skyrocketing inflation, high gas prices a supply chain crisis and a labor crunch. again, all things that joe biden and the democrats have directly caused. all of these things are going to get worse if this situation is not brought under control. the federal reserve is set to start raising interest rates this month. so, what we're already starting to look at is something that looks a lot like stagflation. if this international crisis gets worse, if the united states gets more deeply involved and the west gets more deeply
4:51 pm
involved, without the accompanying component of getting us back to energy independence so we are less linked to what is going on in russia and eastern europe, all of these things then are going to create a perfect storm for the american consumer. and that means downward economic trends which are already underway and a likely recession. >> jesse: yeah, i don't see him doing anything to make us more energy independent. i just don't. so, it looks like we're going to feel some pain. the american consumer. all right. >> yeah. >> jesse: monica crowley, thank you so much as always. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: vladimir putin is very much aware of the possibility of a coup, bloodless or bloody against him. he is allegedly obsessed by the overthrow of libyan dictator muammar kadafi and desperately wants to avoid that fate. joining me now is buck sexton, former cia analyst and co-host of the clay travis and buck
4:52 pm
sexton show. along with retired u.s. marine johnny joey jones. so, buck, i mean, he could get a bullet in his head. he could get poisoned. he loves poison over there you know that. they could maybe send him to see you beer i can't. what kind of preparations do you think putin made to prevent that? >> there are very few people on earth who spend more time thinking about their personal security than vladimir putin. this would be tough. and i know people right now may be thinking a palace coup, wouldn't that be fantastic that could possibly end this whole thing. but that, i think, is a distant possibility at best right now. there is simply not enough of the people around putin who would have suffered pain, nor have the russian people seen enough in terms of casualties to be willing to deal with the incredible force of the fsb, the russian internal security service. they are very good the repression and very good at keeping the big guy in charge. for anybody around him, it is
4:53 pm
true if you look at the academic literature, authoritarians usually do fall by people around them in their orbit. people that they have trusted. if you come at the king you about best not miss. if you come at putin your whole family is in jeopardy. this is something we might see down the line, jesse, it would be far too lucky for him to get pushed aside right now. >> jesse: i agree. way too early. let's game plan this out, jones, if they start chewing up russian soldiers in a vicious western funded inbe surgency. and the ruble is garbage and there is lines to leave the country and there is chaos in the street oligarchs. they can't rub two signals together. when does the security state in russia make a move on vlad? , you know, buck is going to know a lot more about this than me. i will tell you, it's not hard
4:54 pm
to see that putin's power comes from the power he continues to secure by those around him. the oligarchs aren't suppressed for information. they can spend as much time here as they do in russia. their wealth allows them to travel the world. they understand more -- probably more clearly than most of us do, who putin is and the positive and negative effect he has on his country. that's the irony in this the people vast numbers don't have the resources and are down trodden the most by a dictator like this have the least amount of information. but when we go after the oligarchs, that's when the tide may get to change. i guess my biggest problem is, we can't look at this as a u.s. strategy, right? we can't say well, is he not going to send nukes but before he does they are going to kill themselves. that's not a u.s. strategy. that's not how we defend ourselves. and the fact that we are having to have this conversation which seems like there is not a lot of other plays among our government. that's what is concerning. that's what bothers me. the fact that we are at prime time television and we are
4:55 pm
looking at well maybe they will kill putin themselves or get rid of them themselves as a strategy isn't that kind of the problem, jesse? doesn't that kind of tell you where we are with it. >> jesse: until he goes after a nato ally you just got to let him sink in ukraine and wreck their banking system from abroad. that he was the only play. so, buck, you are going to see the president, you know, come into the chamber. he is going to be shaking hands and everyone is going to be mugging for the camera and get that shot of them close to him. they can push out their little pamphlet for re-election. although i don't see why that would even help. what do you think the president has to say to the american people tonight about ukraine that makes sense to them because, yes, you know, we want russia to die on this hill. we want to, you know, we want it a victory for the ukrainian people. but, at what expense? you know, we are getting crushed by high gas prices and high oil prices here we are probably going to see a supply chain problem when they can't feed
4:56 pm
europe and the middle east. how does he sell what he is doing in ukraine as a success? >> jesse, i think he is going to have a lot of trouble selling anything that he has done in the first year or so of the administration as a success, the border, crime, the economy, inflation, you name it on ukraine specifically he said people can go back and see the video in 2019. puft doesn't want me to be president. putin is scared of me. he will never do anything bad. these are the thing that come back to haunt politicians especially when you are talking about matters of war and peace. this is a president, this is an administration that doesn't see the world as it is and has clearly not outmaneuvered vladimir putin diplomatically. not outmaneuvered him in terms the global chess game underway. you will see tonight biden try to project strength. perhaps whisper aggressively at people and use the word folk a lot and project weakness. >> jesse: we will be watching. thank you, guys. >> good to see you both. thanks so much. >> jesse: ukraine is fighting
4:57 pm
bang against russia's brutal forces just today they reported killing a team of chechen assassins in the capital of kyiv. the chechens were reportedly planning to target and assassinate president zelenskyy. president zelenskyy has already warned eu leaders that he will be killed if russian troops successfully seize kyiv. and the ukrainians are currently, you know, not supplied well right now. but, what will happen to the ukraine government if that city is encircled. joining me now is alex, ukraine deputy minister for digital transformation. so what is the strategy if kyiv is encircled and you can't get in, you can't get out and they are sending chechen hit squads to assassinate your leader?
4:58 pm
>> hi, everyone. i think the strategy was before this started. there was law in the introduced about territorial defense like people civil defense. so there is like almost 20,000 pieces of weapon given to people inside the city. and they are well organized. they the maintaining their city under control. along with the army. so, i don't think it's possible with the bruit force to just infiltrate a city and destroy it. even though it will be not really might be cornered or -- i don't think it's possible with doing -- with people. people not scared. people want to fight. and people understand they fight for their freedom and there is no -- there is no way to flee. so, and they realize that.
4:59 pm
so, so far, there is no evidence of any circles. so city is not cornered. and i don't think it's going to happen. you have to remember that western part of ukraine is still under control, like a full control of the ukrainians. i don't think there is a possibility putin or russian troops to infiltrate from the western side of ukraine. >> jesse: and will the president be commanding the insurgent response while he is inside the city that's, you know, slowly being squeezed? >> well, the president told clearly when he was -- he was propositioned to evacuate so he said clearly i don't need taxy,
5:00 pm
i need more weapons. >> jesse: and we are very inspired by your president. and we aring it going to continue to send those weapons and gets them to you any way possible thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> jesse: that's all for us tonight. tucker carlson is up next. and we will have live coverage at 8:55 of the state of the union. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. joe biden begins his annual state of the union address. imagine if he dared to be honest. what would he say? what is the state of our union. it is fragile, very fragile. the united states is poor. it is more free phobic it is far less free than it was when president biden took over. joe biden inherited a very


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